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Hydro Excavating in Minneapolis, MN, to Address Underground Issues

H&M Underground Solutions is the leader in hydro excavating in Minneapolis, MN. We provide comprehensive underground solutions for commercial and municipal clients across the region. Best of all, our team is here to help 24 hours a day.

Applications of Hydro Excavating

  • Excavation in sensitive or crowded areas
  • Excavation where precision matters
  • Trenching

By vacuuming up the dirt, you’re “revealing” what’s under the surface as opposed to penetrating the earth with a giant metal claw – and if there’s anything underground, a traditional excavator will most certainly damage it. Taking out an electrical line or fiber optic line could mean disaster for the surrounding areas, so why take the risk?

Hydro Excavating

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    How Does Hydro Excavating Work?

    Hydro excavating uses the power of pressurized water to quickly and easily remove soil without the risk of damaging structures underneath or nearby. Our tools and equipment break away soil, creating a slurry. We then use vacuum equipment to suck up this slurry, leaving minimal mess behind.

    Benefits of Hydro Excavating Over Traditional Excavation

    Traditional services that involve excavation require large mechanical tools and equipment that may not offer precise control. This means there’s a risk of hitting utility lines or causing other damage to your home or business when having excavation work completed.

    Hydro excavating removes soil in a controlled fashion that allows for greater precision. There’s also less risk to nearby utility lines and structures as well as less mess.

    Why Choose H&M Underground Solutions?

    • Our underground pipe specialists are available 24 hours a day
    • We specialize in underground and sewer solutions
    • You always receive a workmanship guarantee
    • Our experienced technicians always treat you like family

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