About Your Trusted Contractor in Minneapolis, MN

When you need a team in Minneapolis, MN, to handle complex underground sewer and drain issues, you need the pros at H&M Underground Solutions. Our team provides 24-hour-a-day sewer and underground solutions in the area. You can always count on us, as we’re standing by with advanced trenchless solutions.

Why Choose Our Underground Sewer and Pipe Experts?

  • We specialize in advanced underground sewer pipe services
  • We provide a workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind
  • You can call on our experts 24 hours a day
  • Our specialists are equipped with the latest in trenchless tools and equipment

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    Who We Serve

    H&M Underground Solutions is proud to serve commercial, industrial, and municipal clients across the region. If it has to do with your sewer pipes and
    underground work, we have solutions! We serve clients in:


    • Minneapolis, MN
    • Rochester, MN
    • Everly, MN
    • Owatonna, MN
    • St. Cloud, MN
    • Rochester, MN
    • Olmsted, MN
    • Mower, MN
    • Hennepin, MN
    • St Louis County, MN


    • La Crosse, WI
    • Eau Claire, WI



    • Mountain Home, AR
    • Flippin, AR
    • Yellville, AR
    • Henderson, AR
    • Bentonville, AR
    • Springdale, AR
    • Fayetteville, AR
    • Siloam Springs, AR
    • Fort Smith, AR
    • Clinton, AR
    • Conway, AR
    • Little Rock, AR
    • Jonesboro, AR
    • Cabot, AR


    • Branson, MO
    • Ozark, MO
    • Springfield, MO
    • Joplin, MO
    • Marshfield, MO
    • Kansas City, MO
    • St Louis, MO

    What We Offer

    Our team provides the following trenchless and other plumbing services:


    Trenchless pipe services mean we can handle most sewer and drain lines services without digging. All work is completed from inside your pipes!


    We use advanced cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology to quickly restore, refresh and rehabilitate old or damaged pipes.


    Instead of messy digging, our team uses pipe bursting technology to bust apart your damaged pipes from the inside. We then install new pipes in place of the old ones, all without breaking out a shovel.


    We provide point report and repair services to accurately identify the exact spots where repairs are required for greater accuracy and efficiency.


    With a sewer camera inspection from H&M Underground Solutions, you can know exactly what’s going on inside your sewer and drain lines.


    We use advanced location technology to find, map, and mark sewer lines for large projects or just your own peace of mind.


    Our robotic cutting equipment is used to deliver precision cuts to pipes for jobs that require extreme accuracy.


    We use hydro jetting equipment to blast away stubborn clogs in your pipes, including root intrusion.


    Pipe scale can narrow your pipes and diminish their efficiency. Our pipe descaling solutions get rid of pipe scale quickly, leaving you with free-flowing water.


    When you’re dealing with a serious clog or obstruction, our pipe cleaning experts are standing by to help 24 hours a day in Minneapolis.


    We provide comprehensive pipe mapping to give our customers detailed layouts of their underground infrastructure.


    Hydro excavating is an efficient method of trenching that uses high-pressure water to cut through the soil.


    If you need traditional excavation to solve a problem, we have the tools and equipment needed to get the job done fast with minimal mess.