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We Are Your Trusted Trenchless Contractor in Springfield, MO

If you’re looking for a trenchless contractor in Springfield, MO to take care of sewer, drain, and underground pipe challenges, trust the pros at H&M Underground Solutions. We proudly serve the local community with trenchless solutions for industrial, commercial, and municipal clients.

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    Exceptional Solutions For Every Need

    Our experienced team offers a range of trenchless and other services in the Springfield area, specializing in your pipes below ground. You always receive personalized service when you rely on the pros at H&M Underground Solutions.


    Trenchless pipe services take advantage of advanced technology that allows our team to complete work from inside your pipes instead of digging.


    With cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) solutions, we can place new pipes underground without digging. Using advanced epoxy resin materials and special lighting, our new pipes cure within minutes.


    If you need a pipe removed and replaced, we can take care of everything from inside your lines with pipe bursting. We break up old pipes using advanced equipment, then install new ones in place of the old ones.


    When underground repair jobs need to be completed with pinpoint accuracy, our point report and repair solutions in Springfield can get things done right.


    A sewer camera inspection gives our team access deep within your sewer lines to capture detailed images. We can then orchestrate services based on your precise needs.


    Our sewer line locating technology provides a look under the Earth to find and mark sewer lines for safer digging and precise repair work.


    Using robotic cutting tools, we’re able to make exact cuts to sewer pipe systems for greater efficiency and safety.


    When dealing with a tough pipe clog, root intrusion, or other obstruction, we provide hydro jetting to blast through blockages for free-flowing water.


    We can remove years of scaly buildup inside your sewer pipes that may be causing lower capacity. Our pipe descaling services leave you with clean, open pipes for greater hydraulic efficiency.


    If you have a sewer clog deep inside your pipes, our pipe cleaning experts have the tools and equipment to easily remove obstructions without damaging your lines.


    H&M Underground Solutions can map your pipe system to provide you with a detailed layout of your sewer lines.


    We use hydro excavating to clear away soil using pressurized water for easy access to underground lines without the risk of damage.


    When a sewer job calls for traditional excavation, we have the equipment necessary to get the job done fast.

    Why Count on Our Underground Experts

    Local property owners and managers depend on our specialists for many reasons, including:

    • We serve the Springfield area 24 hours a day
    • You always receive our workmanship guarantee
    • We specialize in underground pipe and sewer services
    • Our experienced team is equipped with advanced trenchless tools to minimize the mess and disruption