The Most Advanced Underground Solutions in Des Moines, IA

Make H&M Underground Solutions your trusted contractor in Des Moines, IA. We provide a full range of underground pipe solutions, including trenchless pipe repair, sewer line locating, and robotic cutting. Our team is here to meet the needs of local industrial, commercial, and municipal clients.

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    Trenchless and Beyond: Only the Best Services

    Serving clients 24 hours a day, H&M Underground Solutions is here to provide the most reliable services. Our professionals specialize in underground pipe services, and you always receive our workmanship guarantee. Here are some of our featured services in Des Moines:


    Our trenchless tools and equipment give us the flexibility to complete pipe repair and more from inside your pipes with no digging required.


    If you need a pipe replaced, rely on H&M Underground Solutions for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) solutions. We can install a new pipe in place of your existing lines without the need to excavate.


    Our crew uses pipe bursting equipment to break apart existing sewer lines underground to replace them with new lines. All work is done using trenchless technology for less mess.


    Our point report and repair solutions allow our experts to accurately identify and fix sewer pipe issues with precision.


    Through our advanced sewer camera inspection, our experts can get an in-depth view of your entire sewer system to find and fix issues with precision.


    Before doing any digging on your property, it’s a good idea to know where you sewer line is located. We use dedicated equipment to locate sewer lines in Des Moines IA.


    To get the most accurate cuts, we use robotic cutting tools. Our robotic cutting solutions deliver unparalleled precision for efficiency and accuracy.


    Our underground pipe experts can break through the toughest clogs and obstructions using hydro jetting equipment.


    Scaly buildup can cause your drain and sewer lines to become narrow and inefficient, potentially leading to damage. H&M Underground Solutions removes pipe scale to protect your pipes and increase water flow.


    If you’re facing a tough clog or obstruction in your sewer line or drains, our pipe cleaning experts are here to help.


    We can map out your entire pipe system using sensitive pipe mapping tools for detailed accuracy.


    Hydro excavating is a solution for removing soil and locating underground lines without the risk of damage to underground structures.


    Our excavation services provide fast solutions when your underground sewer pipe needs to be exposed for complex jobs.

    Let Us Show You Why We Are Trusted By Many

    • We’re here for you 24 hours a day in Des Moines IA
    • We provide a workmanship guarantee
    • We use advanced trenchless equipment for less mess
    • Our team focuses only on underground solutions