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The Leading Contractor in Minneapolis, MN, Providing Trenchless Services

When you need a contractor in Minneapolis, MN, to take care of complex industrial, commercial, or municipal sewer pipe issues, H&M Underground Solutions is here to help. We provide 24-hour service to our clients in the City of Lakes. Best of all, you always get our workmanship guarantee!

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    Underground Trenchless and Other Solutions We Provide

    From sewer pipe replacement to robotic cutting, we do it all! Below are some of our featured services:


    Trenchless pipe services allow our team to complete work from inside your pipes using advanced tools and equipment.


    Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) uses special lighting to cure epoxy resin pipe replacement materials to form a new pipe in place of your existing lines.


    Instead of digging your sewer pipe up to replace it, we can use pipe bursting to break apart your existing lines. We then install new lines from underground with no digging required.


    When it comes to precision, our point report and repair solutions allow our experienced team to find and fix underground problems with total accuracy.


    With our advanced sewer camera inspection tools, our experts can examine the interior of your sewer system to find and fix issues quickly.


    If you need to know the location of your sewer line or other lines underground, we offer comprehensive sewer line locating.


    Using robotic cutting technology, we’re able to provide precise cutting solutions for sewer and underground pipes for your municipal or commercial property.


    Our hydro jetting equipment easily breaks through the toughest sewer pipe clogs and obstructions using the power of pressurized water.


    Pipe scale can cause your drain and sewer lines to work inefficiently and may lead to damage over time, disrupting your operations for a period. Our pipe descaling solutions remove this buildup, leaving you with clean pipes and free-flowing water.


    Clogs and obstructions are a thing of the past when you rely on H&M Underground Solutions for pipe cleaning.


    Using advanced locator technology, our team can map out your entire underground pipe system.


    Hydro excavating services take advantage of pressurized water to cut through the soil while protecting underground pipes and utilities.


    In situations that require traditional sewer line excavation, you can rely on our experienced pros for your toughest jobs.

    Why Choose Our Underground Pipe Experts?

    There are a number of reasons why local businesses and municipalities count on us.

    • We’re available 24 hours a day
    • Our team uses the latest in advanced trenchless tools and equipment
    • Our only focus is on providing underground pipe services
    • We offer a workmanship guarantee on all of our services